The Only Wetvac That You Will Ever Need!

This tiny device converts a metal drum into the ultimate air powered vacuum allowing you to clean up all types of liquids with ease.

Some of the companies who are using our vacuum systems:


Is Cleaning Up Liquid A Pain?

Throwing Away $100s-$1000s On Clean-Up Consumables?

Feeling Like You're Wasting Time Transferring Liquids By Bucket, Hand Pumps or Funnels?

Calling In Expensive Vacuum Trucks For Small Clean-Up Jobs?

Can't Stand Having To Repair Or Replace Blocked Pumps?

Fed up with under-powered, small capacity electric vacs that may burn out?

Sick & Tired Of Using Rags, Mops And Buckets?

or you’re just looking for a faster and easier way to clean up liquid?

Any of these things sound familiar? If they do, you’re in the right place.

The Kleenvac Pneumatic Vacuum Will Help You Make Your Liquid Clean Up Job Simple….

And this is why…

Clean Up Spills With Ease And Save Money In The Process.

You can stop using expensive consumables, rags or mops

Once you have cleaned up as little as 301 L* of liquid spills with the Plus rather than absorbents, you can start to save money.

*Based on the average cost of 17 general purpose absorbent spill kits available online in Australia.

Supercharged Suction Power

Common workshop vacuums generate 7inHg of vacuum while The Plus generates up to 14.5 inHg.

The high vacuum means you can clean up all types of liquids such as:

Water – Mud & Sludge – Oil – Engine Oil – Gear Oil – Paint – Diesel – Corrosive Liquids* – Concrete Slurry – Radiator Coolant

*stainless steel model recommended.

Fantastic product. Does exactly what it states, which was exactly what we needed. Small, powerful and effective. Thanks.

Matt Hancock
Fairfax Media

Excellent product and is making my life a lot easier to keep my workshop clean after liquid spills.

Daryl O'bree
Piangil Truck & Tractor

Performed as advertised, I have used it on a hand full of jobs with great success. Thanks ONEKLEEN!

Chris Raney
Superior Surface Restoration

Unreal! Clever! Easy to use. Perfect for draining and cleaning our coolant sumps!

Chris Urquhart
FSP Australia Pty Ltd

Rapid Liquid Recovery. Get The Job Done Faster

Collect at up to 150L per minute.

In This Video: AV Industry Services in the Northern Territory previously used electric and diaphragm pumps to vacuum out hydraulic oil from the equipment they serviced and it used to take them more than 25 minutes to complete the job. However, once they started using a Plus they reduced the clean-up time down to less than 3 minutes.


Don't Waste Time With Manual Liquid Transfer Or Hand Pumps.

Just vacuum in... And then pump out.

In This Video: AV Industry Services in the Northern Territory pump out a 44 gallon drum of used oil into a large bulk storage tank for recycling.

No More Frustrating Blocked Or Damaged Pumps.

Nothing But Air Goes Through Vacuum While All The Fluid Just Goes Through The Hose.

You don’t need to worry about solids blocking up or damaging your pump half way through a job. This is because the Kleenvac simply creates a vacuum in the drum which pulls the fluid through the hose.


Clean Up Over Greater Distances.

You can use up to 20m of hose with the Plus.

In This Video: The Plus cleaning up mud off the ground. See how it easily cleans up the wet mud and solids over the 20m distance. You will notice that as the mud becomes more solid the plus still handles it easily but just takes a bit longer to clean it up. An easy way to speed up recover when this happens is to simply add a bit more water.

"We use it to clean out our sludge drains. It also enables us to contain and clean up spills of all sorts quickly and efficiently. It eliminates a large amount of physical labour"

Dave Vance
Hastings Deering (NT)

"Works a treat, the guys are very happy with it, it's just the thing for cleaning out tanks of liquid and sludge. Probably cuts the job down at least in half compared to what we were doing before."

Ben Rothen
Sandvik Mining Rock Technology Kalgoorlie

It Will Never Burn Out!

No Moving Parts, No Electric Motors To Burn Out.

The Kleenvac uses the venturi principle to generate the vacuum and airflow which means their are no moving parts required.

Only air goes through the pump while the liquid and solids pass through the hose and into the drum.


From frustrating liquid clean-up to faster, easier and cheaper clean-up, all in one reliable tool.

Spills no longer require expensive absorbents or slow multistep clean-up processes. Suck it all up in minutes saving $100s-$1000s.

The frustration of mopping up or wiping up is gone! No more mops or rags!

Time consuming manual bucketing, hand pumps and messy funnels no longer have to be used. Vacuum in liquid and then pump it out at up 150L/min.

Never worry about it burning out, being underpowered or having a small capacity. It will never burn out, has supercharged vacuum power and comes with a 10-year warranty.

FREE Delivery within Australia

The Kleenvac

Supercharged Air Powered Vacuum – No Moving Parts To Burn Out – Clean Up Made Easy

Kleenvac Mini

17.5 CFM Air Consumption – For Liquid Collection And Transfer Only. (Not For Spill Clean-Up)

Kleevac Mini

$695 AUD + GST

  • Total $ 764.50 inc GST | FREE Delivery Within Australia
Kleenvac - Technical Datasheet .pdf

Kleenvac Plus

30 CFM Air Consumption
– For Spills & Liquid Collection And Transfer

Kleevac Plus

$945 AUD + GST

  • Total $1,039.50 inc GST | FREE Delivery Within Australia

Kleenvac Plus - S/S

Stainless Steel version of the Kleenvac Plus
- 30 CFM Air Consumption

The Kleenvac Plus is a supercharged wetvac specifically designed to help you clean up liquid spills and collect and transfer liquids. No more rags, no more absorbents and no more burnt out electric wetvacs. The Plus can be installed into any metal drum.
Ideal For Collection Of Fluids Such As:
Medium to large spill clean-up, collection and transferring (Vacuum and pumping) liquids such as salty water, acids and corrosive fluids and substances.

Kleevac Plus - S/S

$2,250 AUD + GST

  • Total $2,475 inc GST | FREE Delivery Within Australia

Made In Australia By Onekleen

NOTE: The entirety of materials provided herein are for reference only. ONEKLEEN reserves the right to modify or revise the content at anytime without prior notice. Performance specifications were measured using water, a 60L drums and the drum ready kits.