Insulation Vacuum System

Petrol powered, trailerisable system for the quick and easy removal of Roof Cavity Insulation.

The Insulation Vacuum

(Model #MVP1-H1604)


Kit includes

Mobi-vacx P1-580 with pre-filter housing and cartridge

Aluminium collection tank with integrated dust collector and filter shaker

2 metres of 3 inch vacuum hose with aluminium camlocks to connect the collection tank to the vacuum generator

40 metres of 4 inch vacuum hose with aluminium camlocks (The main vacuum hose)

50 insulation capture bags to get you started.

The Mobi-vacx P1 Power Pack

We believe in creating simple, efficient and easy to use vacuum equipment to help make cleaning up easier and safer. That is why the mobi-vacx P1 is specifically designed with a Briggs and Stratton® petrol powered motor (3-year warranty) and uses the same vacuum technology as vacuum trucks. This makes the system incredibly simple to use, powerful and reliable.

Mobi-vacx P1 Benefits

Made in Australia

We believe in keeping things local and supporting Australians. That is why the Mobi-vacx P1 is designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne. All servicing and support is fast and local.

High Performance

The Mobi-vacx system uses the same vacuum generator as found on large vacuum trucks. This enables you to work up to 50 metres away from the unit with 4 inch vacuum hose.

um collection tank with integrated dust collector and filter shaker


The Mobi-vacx P1 is not just for insulation vacuuming. It is our core vacuum generator in all of our multi-application petrol powered systems.

Low Maintenance

The Mobi-vacx P1 has been designed with low maintenance in mind. All you have to do is monitor the engine runtime hour meter and change the engine and vacuum generator oil at

the correct intervals - just like your car.

Engine21HP Briggs and Stratton® Vanguard™ Petrol Drive
Vacuum Pressure12inHG
Vacuum Flow510CFM @ 3600RPM