Kleenvac™ Maxi

This Pneumatic Industrial Drum Top Vacuum is the superior alternative to electric vacuum systems.
Maintenance Free - Anti-Static Options Available - Supercharged Performance

Some of the companies who are using our vacuum systems:


Looking for an Industrial Vacuum System that...

Has Supercharged & Reliable Vacuum Performance?

Runs Off Compressed Air?

Is Simple To Setup & Use?

Has No Electric Motors To Burn out?

Is Maintenance Free?

Can Be Used In Hazardous Environments?

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For Applications Such As:

Weizen - Mehl, Körner und Ähren

Cleaning Up Of Flour, Seeds And Light Powders

milling machine process

Workshop Clean Up & Recovery of Metal Chip

Industrial space

General Workshop Clean Up

Coal-fired power station in Lamma Island

Clean-Up In Hazardous Areas

Simple To Setup - Easy To Use


Put The Drum Top Vacuum On Top Of A 205L Drum.


Connect A Compressed Air Line To The Drum Top Vacuum (Type A – Claw).


Turn The Ball Valve On And Start Cleaning.

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A Supercharged Air Powered Dry Vac that will NEVER burn out!

No Moving Parts – No Electric Motors – Maintenance Free

The Pneumatic Drum Top Vacuum uses the venturi principle to generate a powerful vacuum and airflow.

This means supercharged performance without moving parts or electric motors that can burnout or break.

Washable + Reusable Filter = Long Life.

This pneumatic drum top industrial vacuum comes with an easily removable and washable polyester filter element. This means you get extra long life out of the element.


The Kleenvac Maxi Model Range

Anti-Static Models Also Available

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Kleenvac Maxi S

38mm Drum Top Ready Kit

90 CFM (consumption) supercharged vacuum system with 38mm hose and vacuum tools.


Kleenvac Maxi S

$2,950 AUD + GST

  • Total of $3,245 inc GST

Anti-static Upgrade

Add earth strap and stainless steel fittings and wand to the Kleenvac Maxi S to an anti-static device.

Kleenvac Maxi S - Anti-static Upgrade

$350 AUD + GST

  • Total of $385 inc GST

Kleenvac Maxi T

38/50mm Drum Top Ready Kit

180 CFM (Consumption) supercharged vacuum system with either 38/50mm hose and vacuum tools.


Kleenvac Maxi T

$3,350 AUD + GST

  • Total of $3,685 inc GST

Anti-static Upgrade

Add earth strap and stainless steel fittings and wand to the Kleenvac Maxi T to an anti-static device.

Kleenvac Maxi T - Anti-static Upgrade

$350 AUD + GST

  • Total of $385 inc GST

Wetvac Upgrade

Add a float valve to convert to the
Kleenvac Maxi S or T to a Wetvac.

Kleevac Maxi - Wetvac Upgrade

$300 AUD + GST

  • Total of $330 inc GST

Onekleen: Revolutionary Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Technology

When you need an industrial vacuum cleaner, there is no question that regardless of what you are vacuuming, Onekleen is the only vacuum technology you will ever need. Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia from only the best local parts and components, Onekleen represents the pinnacle of local industrial cleaning technology.

How often has your team struggled for hours to change out furnace tank oil, clean-up workplace spills, or machinery sumps? Regardless of whether you are cleaning up wet or dry materials, our unique Onekleen industrial vacuum system will make short work of any job. Big or small, Kleenvac turns a massive, time-consuming job requiring a whole team into a quick and easy single-person task.

What Sets Onekleen Apart Regarding Industrial Vacuum Cleaner in Australia

In short, everything about Onekleen’s range of industrial vacuum solutions sets them apart from conventional solutions. The unique design is a complete departure from what was previously available on the market, making it a highly versatile, effective, and practical solution to everything from the cleaning up of chemical and oil spills to mud, sump oil, motor oil, and much more.

Our Onekleen industrial vacuum system does not contain any moving parts. Only air is circulated through the system, meaning that the motor will never burn out or seize up because of solids entering the system. This unique property makes our vacuums ideal for use in any environment.

Pneumatically powered, our system connects to a drum. It creates a vacuum in the drum, which allows the hose connected to the drum to suck up anything in its path and deposit the material in the drum. If you are using a 250-litre drum, you can vacuum 250 litres of material.

The addition of a float valve means you can easily vacuum liquids as well as solids. The float valve shuts the system down when the collection drum reaches capacity, meaning you never have to worry about the additional challenges associated with overfilling.

A reverse flow function means emptying your collection drum into a tank is as easy as cleaning the spill in the first place. Simply turn the knob on the vacuum hose, and this will reverse the flow, thus pressurising the drum, allowing your team to quickly pump out its contents into a tank or other vessel.

Whether you are using it as a sand vacuum, a liquid vacuum, or a combination of liquids and solids, our products are ideal, offering optimal functionality for any application.


What You Can Expect from Onekleen Regarding Saw Dust Vacuum

Our vacuums are in operation at various businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. They are in use in industrial applications that make life easier for the workers on the ground and save time and – lots of – money for companies, often making short work of jobs that in the past required many hours of labour and time-intensive work.


Use it as an oil or chemical vacuum or a wood chip vacuum, or both, from cleaning out industrial CNC machines to oil tanks, cement and concrete sludge, or dry cement residue. We offer one solution for all your vacuum requirements.

We consider ourselves more as a solution provider than a product supplier. If you have an application for which you require a custom solution, we are happy to design and manufacture a solution specifically suited to your industrial application.

Our products are as good as they get. Made according to strict quality and safety standards, we design and manufacture machines specifically for use in the most demanding local and international industrial applications. Onekleen products are made to last.

Our products can be used in hazardous environments, making them the ideal tool for clean-up of chemical spills. Superior suction power means that our products are incredibly effective at removing as much of the spilled material as possible. It includes sand and gravel, which the spilled chemicals may contaminate.

Our maintenance-free products represent the finest quality that money can buy. We produce practical yet straightforward and highly effective solutions for all your vacuum requirements.

Made In Australia By Onekleen

NOTE: The entirety of materials provided herein are for reference only. ONEKLEEN reserves the right to modify or revise the content at anytime without prior notice. Performance specifications were measured using water, a 60L drums and the drum ready kits.