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At Onekleen we believe in providing solutions to problems and not just products. We believe that what we design should be simple to use, easy to maintain, operate in the most efficient way possible, save you time, money and energy and provide a safer and cleaner environment.

We design, develop and manufacture environmentally friendly, high performance, simple and efficient cleaning systems right here in Australia.

We also supply a range of Australian made equipment which allows us to provide complete solutions to you.

A Compressed Air Vacuum Can Do More Than Just Clean Your Workshop

Keeping your workshop clean with a reliable vacuum cleaner is often very difficult because you are besieged by many problems in this noble endeavour. For a start, finding that reliable vacuum cleaner that has enough power to suck oily metal shavings out of corners is a task on its own. There is then all the may-nots associated with the same vacuum cleaner, as in do not use for this fluid or those dust particles. Finally, all the internal moving parts, filters and the electric motor that require care, coddling and maintenance. Well, we have the solution, and it’s called a compressed air vacuum.

How Does the Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Extremely simple, in fact. All you need for the successful cleaning of your workshop is one of our pneumatic vacuum cleaner kits, a standard steel drum, a pneumatic compressor and a whole lot of dust, shavings and liquids that are in need of being sucked up.

The proprietary vacuum pump is installed on one of the fill-holes of the steel drum and the vacuum hose, with attachments, on the other hole. A steel drum is recommended due to the negative pressure generated by the system, as standard plastic drums are generally not strong enough.

Attach your air compressor to the Kleenvac air operated vacuum and turn it on. The pump unit uses the Venturi Principle to extract the air out of the drum faster than it can flow in through the hose nozzle, thereby creating a vacuum that results in the suction required to draw almost anything smaller than the diameter of the pipe nozzle into the drum.

The pump unit incorporates an advanced method of sensing the fullness of the drum so that you can turn the vacuum unit off to prevent damage. It should be noted that the Kleenvac pumping unit contains no internal moving parts, so by using a filter for dust particles and an automatic shutdown mechanism, the design ensures that small objects and liquids won't enter the Venturi system. This means that the pumping unit of the air-powered vacuum cleaner has an exceptionally long operating lifespan, which is why we offer a one-year warranty.


What Can the Air-Operated Vacuum Cleaner Be Used For?

This is really such a simple system that entirely operates using elementary physics, yet it can suck oil out of engines, vacuum carpets and even transfer fluids. Specific capabilities are dependent on the model of the vacuum, but as long as the size of the drum and the right compressor are used at all times, there will be no fluctuations.


The pneumatic vac system is a dry vac, suitable for almost any type of solid particles. Our customers use it for cleaning the dust out of grain carriers and cement containers. The standard hose is 4m long, but the system has been tested with hoses up to 20m in length and remains just as powerfully effective. This means that the vacuum cleaner can remain stationary while the whole workshop floor is thoroughly cleaned, and all the wood shavings sucked up.

The Kleenvac system can be used as a wet-vac (or dry/wet-vac) in various situations. Almost any type of fluid can be vacuumed up into the drum, and we have special hoses and nozzles available for use with most corrosive chemicals. Our customers use this vacuum cleaner for emptying sludge bins, oil pans and even concrete slurry. The beauty of this is that the waste liquids are already inside a barrel, ready for responsible disposal. The Kleenvac is simply transferred from a full to an empty drum for immediate use again.

An ancillary benefit of using a vacuum system is that it can transfer liquids. Fuel, like diesel and paraffin, can easily be pumped from a larger container, at the same or a lower level, to transportation drums. Then with the flick of a switch on the Kleenvac unit, the flow of air is reversed, causing the system to raise the air pressure inside the drum, thereby pushing the liquid out of the drum through the hose. This is great for filling large storage tanks from smaller drums or for emptying the drum of crud at a designated recycling point with air-operated vacuum pumps.

Models of Kleenvac Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners Currently Available

We currently manufacture and sell three models of our reliable Kleenvac vacuum cleaner units. Each has its own strengths, and customers are advised to determine their basic requirements before choosing a model to purchase. It is also necessary to confirm that your air compressor falls within the operating requirement of the Kleenvac model, as an underpowered system can’t be expected to provide efficient work.

Kleenvac Mini. This is our base model yet is a fully capable dry vacuuming system that can also be used for fluid transfers. It is not suitable for the cleaning of liquid spillage. A compressor rated for 496l/min of free air delivery at 620 to 690kPa is required for correct operation and provides a good 105l/min of suction power at the nozzle with a 60l steel drum. The reverse pumping drum kit is an optional extra.

Kleenvac Plus. Similar to the Mini, the Plus can also handle any type of liquid spillage, be it filthy motor oil, high-gloss paint or machine tool coolant with metal chips. It requires a slightly heftier compressor of 850l/min of free air delivery, but the nozzle-flow increases to 150l/min and a vacuum rating of up to -47.5kPa. The reverse pumping drum kit is an optional extra, and we also have a stainless steel version available with either anti-static or chemical use hose.

Kleenvac Maxi S. We have mounted our Kleenvac system onto a top for the standard 205l steel drum to facilitate easier installation and the addition of a large, easily removable and washable polyester filter element. This drum top vacuum unit is mainly for vacuuming duties and is standard as a dry-only model, but a dry/wet upgrade unit is available. An anti-static model is also available on request. The reason for this model is that the drum now doesn't need to be of the sealed type, which kind of makes emptying it a whole lot easier, especially for recycling of waste material.

Onekleen offers efficient Kleenvac air-powered vacuum cleaners to customers anywhere in Australia through easy online ordering and free shipping to anywhere in the country. We can also design a custom vacuum unit, should our current models not provide the capabilities you require for your unique business, like a mobile gutter and furrow vacuum cleaner. Contact us to discuss the suitable model for your workshop so that we can get things cleaned up.